Friday, 27 April 2012

Beyonce named worlds most beautiful woman

Beyonce was named the worlds most beautiful woman by peoples magazine! i don't think this came as much of a surprise to be honest she always looks flawless when we see her in the media, she is is a natural beauty without makeup and her fashion is always on point.  she's a role model for a lot of people and has been very successful in her career. she seems to have the perfect life and i think its a case of nearly every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to have her!

Check out beyonce's Style evolution from her destiny's child days till now here! And you can now follow her official tumblr here!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

My favourite beauty products!

i know i said i was going to do this post a couple of days ago but iv been busy with college and a bunch of other things so here is is now!

my first favourite beauty product post will be on my facial skin care products. I used to use clinique and i loved it it was great all their products usually are and i like the fact that on their website you can do a quiz if you are not entirely sure what skin type you are and this is important to know when choosing skin care products but i always like to try new beauty products and i love the body shop so i thought i would give something from their facial skin care range a go. The seaweed range was best for my skin type! and i LOVE it! you can buy the full size products or the travel size pack  witch is £10 and it gives you everything you need the cleanser,toner, day moisturiser and night moisturiser, i use this once in the morning and once at night. the bottles may look small but they last ages! people may think that it may not smell so nice because its seaweed but it actually smells so nice! i also bought the clay mask from this range as well and use it twice a week usually before i go to bed! my skin used to be ok it wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst then it came out in a horrible breakout and nothing seemed to clear it but this range is working amazingly! i also use bio-oil,sudocreme and bodyshop's vitamin c microdermabrasion on my skin but they will be in tomorrows post!

if you have any questions just comment or email me ! hope you liked this post!

Monday, 23 April 2012

I'm going to do a post each day on my favourite beauty products, each day will be a different product and i will write how i use them etc.! i will also post beauty tips along with the post relating to the product.  i will obviously still do my other usual posts like my fashion ones this will just be a extra post for anyone who will be interested in it and anyone who wants some extra little beauty tips! i will start posting them from tomorrow onwards! (: comment or email me if there is anything you specifically want to know and i will add it in to a blog post!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Maxi Dresses!

Maxi Dresses have been around for ages now but they are coming back in this spring/summer! i personally love maxi dresses and i think they will become my fashion must have this summer! i have had a look at different websites and picked out a couple that i like and thought i would share them on here!

New look : i love the style of this one! its a great blank canvas that you could dress up with some lovely accessories & statement heels, it would be great for a night out with the girls or a Summer BBQ maybe! it costs £24.99!

This is another one from new look its just an everyday dress you could even just wear this for a day at home it also looks really comfy. it comes in a grey colour as well! this one costs £14.99 : These type of maxi dresses seem to be popular where they are short at the front and longer at the back! i really like these ones! i like this one because of its bold colour and the tiger type print! you could wear this one with wedges as seen in the picture. it is also available in rose pink and costs £30

i think this one is my favourite out of them all it is also from boohoo, i love the prurple colour, i couldn't get a picture of the back of the dress in the same colour so i had to use the blue one, this one comes in a range of colours such as purple,blue,white and pink this also costs £30

Very: This one is from the Fearne Cotton range, i love all her clothing range and it is all available on this website! i like this dress because it has the dip dye effect this is another dress that could be for everyday use then teamed up with some statement jewellery could be used for a night time look! this one costs £39.99 you can check it out here!

this other one from very this one is by Holly Willoughby! yet again i love all her clothing range and is also all available on this website! you can check it out here!

hope you liked my little selection you can find more maxi dresses from, asos, Amy childs website,Miss guided and a beautiful selection at glamour!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Alexandra Burke Lip Boom!

i know i might be a bit late in blogging about this but better late than never! Alexandra Burke is releasing her own lip gloss/lipstick with MUA cosmetics! one side will be a lipstick and the other will be a lip gloss you can either wear them together or separate, the description on the MUA website says:

'Lipstick and highlighting gloss that creates fuller curvaceous lips for a dramatic illusion of volume.
There are 4 amazing ways to transform your lips and give them some Boom!
1. Lipstick alone for a matte look.
2. Lipstick with highlighter applied just to the centre of your lips to create a full volume illusion.
3. Lipstick with highlighter all over for a super-glossy look.
4. Highlighter alone for a sheer pearl finish.'

they will come in a range of 8 different shades such as, Vibe, O.M.G, Cheeky!, Doin' Good, Bring It, It's A Situation, LMK (Let Me Know)! they are available online now and will be available in all superdrug stores may 9th and will cost just £3!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Rita Ora

I feel the need to do a blog post on Rita Ora because she is amazing! i love her style and she always has lovely makeup and hair! shes been around in the background since 2009 appearing in some music videos such as Craig Davids 'Awkward', craig david ft. tinchy stryder 'Where's your love',Jay-Z's 'Young Forever' and Drakes 'Over' Video but she only became more popular recently when she released her single 'hot right now' ft DJ fresh , then she released 'R.I.P' Featuring the amazing tinie tempah and now her latest music video for 'how we do' has come out in the uk even though its been out in the USA for a while, but she is also currently touring with Drake on his latest tour! but anyway more about her style she's been compared to Rihanna a lot recently and i can see why they do have a similar style! in most pictures iv seen and in her latest music videos iv loved what she's worn and her makeup! i always find when i see a music video i instantly look at the makeup i don't know why! i love how she has a natural look but goes for bold statement lips, and like i said above i just loveee her hair! but here are some pictures of my favourite outfits she's worn i do have loads more but this blog has been long enough! haha!

You can follow Rita On Twitter and Check out her Youtube!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Money Saving Beauty website....

As Most people know i love my beauty products and i am forever buying the latest ones on the market but they don't come cheap! and that's why i love Cheap Smells! everything is at a discounted price! you can get perfumes,aftershaves,cosmetics,skin care,tanning products, haircare,bath and body, gift sets and accessories such as hair straighteners, hair brushes, eyelashes etc! and most of these products are brand names such as estee lauder,marc jacobs, GHD,MAC,rimmel london,DKNY and many, many more! so this is a great website and saves a great amount so go check it out!(:

Sunday, 15 April 2012

My River island Favourites

i have been looking on the river island website at their 'new arrivals' and i like alot of the new things they have in, so here are my top 5 favourites!

1. These gorgeous floral high tops! i think these are lovely i love the floral pattern at the side and they would look lovely in the summer with the right outfit they cost just £30!

2. This lovely Pink skater dress ! i love the lace detailing on this and the little belt that comes with it! it would be great to wear on a sunny spring day, it costs £35

 3. this 'music cleanses the soul' t-shirt! i like quote on it, this would be great for a casual day, it costs £15

4.i love these Light tan studded sandals! you could use these for a day time outfit or use them for a going out/night time outfit! you can get them in different colours such as black,gold and orange! they cost £45

5. last but not least is these lovely bracelets! i love to accessorize my outfits and i think these would be a great thing to add to any outfit they cost £10!

i hope you liked my top 5 favourites i do have loads more but i thought it would be better to pick a top 5! you can go look at the other river island items here on their website! they also have a great sale on now so go check that out as well!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

jessie J in American Glamour Magazine

Jessie is known for her great and unique fashion sense and she is forever wowing us with her latest outfit but in the latest American glamour magaizne we see her with a more toned down and natural look! either way she still looks beautiful as ever!
Read More About Jessie's interview here 

Im Back

Hey everyone i sorta neglected this blog for a while but i am back and will be posting new blog posts again! (: