Sunday, 15 April 2012

My River island Favourites

i have been looking on the river island website at their 'new arrivals' and i like alot of the new things they have in, so here are my top 5 favourites!

1. These gorgeous floral high tops! i think these are lovely i love the floral pattern at the side and they would look lovely in the summer with the right outfit they cost just £30!

2. This lovely Pink skater dress ! i love the lace detailing on this and the little belt that comes with it! it would be great to wear on a sunny spring day, it costs £35

 3. this 'music cleanses the soul' t-shirt! i like quote on it, this would be great for a casual day, it costs £15

4.i love these Light tan studded sandals! you could use these for a day time outfit or use them for a going out/night time outfit! you can get them in different colours such as black,gold and orange! they cost £45

5. last but not least is these lovely bracelets! i love to accessorize my outfits and i think these would be a great thing to add to any outfit they cost £10!

i hope you liked my top 5 favourites i do have loads more but i thought it would be better to pick a top 5! you can go look at the other river island items here on their website! they also have a great sale on now so go check that out as well!


  1. Hiya! Found you on my group via IFB!

    I like the bracelets and the teeshirt, a nice top 5 combo!

    Lovely blog : )

    If you have time, please check out my blog too, and follow if you like it : ). I follow back!


  2. These floral sneakers are gorgeous. thanks for sharing!