Thursday, 3 May 2012

Amy Childs Clothing Line

i love amy childs and have done since her Only Way is Essex days, so i was glad when she brought out her own clothing line she has had most of her clothing on her website but now she has launched it with Lipsy! i have to say everything is beautiful in her range and i will defiantly be buying something! there is a wider range of clothing on her website such as teeshirts, hoodies, leggings and playsuits and more dresses available than what is on the lipsy website . she also has her own workout dvd, eyelashes and fake tan which are available here on her website! she will also soon have her own perfume which i cannot wait for! There is also a 25% sale on Amys Webisite!

here are some of my favourite items from Lipsy and her website

Marcia £65 - Available at lipsy & Her website

Penelope £65 - Available on her website only (Different colours are available)

OMG Tee-Shirt £25 (Available in Different Colours)- Only Available on her website

Ellen £110 - this is available in different colours and only on amys website this is her most expensive dress and is available to reserve before it goes on sale! you can look at other dresses available for reserve here!

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  1. lovely dresses!!
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